Out The Window Contacts

Worldwide Headquarters
1016 West University Avenue, Suite #205
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Main: 928-774-5250 • Fax: 928-774-5247

Southern California Outpost
2333 State Street, Suite #103
Carlsbad, California 92008

Southwest Way Station
11 South Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Bill Hagen
Kristina Hagen
Administrative Director
Brian Honhongva
Creative Director
Jennifer Cook
Senior Vice President
Miranda Dato
Account Services Coordinator
Tammy Laird, CPA
Bodie Dennis
Concept Development
Casey Smith
Assistant Creative Director
Kelly Miller
Direct Mail & Printing
Shannon Chambers
eCap/Client Performance Director
Shane Tsosie
Production Manager
Nicholas Price
Senior Graphic Designer / Video Services
Derek Waniolek
Senior Graphic Designer
Lianne Kitaoka
Graphic Designer
John Lutz
Graphic Designer / Video Services
Samuel Bagnall
Graphic Designer / Video Services
Jon Jensen
Graphic Designer
Donica Honhongva
Administrative Assistant
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